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Wanås Restaurant Hotel, Hässleholmsvägen, Knislinge, Sverige
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A trip to Wanås Konst is a must if you are an art and nature lover. The park houses contemporary art and culture for all.

There is a permanent sculpture exhibition in the park which, among others, you will find the Whish tree för Wanås by Joko Ono and my favorite Jacob Dahlgren´s Primary Structure which is the favorite of the youngest.

The journey from Malmö should take approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. I would recommend to rent or share a car. The more people to enjoy the Wanås experience the better.

Did you know you can also stay at Wanås Restaurant Hotel? The restaurant was recently renovated and it looks stunning, it is the coziest place you can imagine, and the food was absolutely delicious.