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Södergatan 15, Malmö, Sverige
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Fans of rock, opera, classical music, and dancing will find their needs more than exceeded at this historical musical venue nestled snugly in the heart of Malmo. Originally built as a cinema in 1920, you’ll be blown away by the amount of talent that passes through the Palladium, no matter what your musical inclinations. In the past, they have had jazz, classical, modern dance, standup comedy, school concerts, and even family shows. With over 300 events happening every year according to a variety of tastes, they really and truly have something for everyone.

Besides world-renowned acoustics, concertgoers and artists alike praise this venue as a first class destination to indeed breathe and live the arts. This historic building has a majestically adorned ceiling with original artwork from the 1920’s. ‘Musik I Sid’ has run the venue since 2004, in close collaboration with Dansstationen. Dansstationen is a forum for visiting artists in modern dance. You can see contemporary, thought-provoking dance performances for all ages, discussing such topical themes as physicality, gender, sexuality, identity, alienation, and inclusivity.

In addition to music and dance events, the Palladium is also available for conferences, business events, and much more! The staffs are very much accommodating to almost any occasion, so if you’re looking for a venue or stage for your next event- please look no further. Precious few spots in the city offer a level of grandeur and service that the Palladium provides.