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Bergsgatan 11A, Malmö, Sverige
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Palm Design is a place where many young girls spend their time dreaming about entering. It is a boutique wedding dress store that is more than capable of helping you and your bridesmaid find the wedding attire of your dreams. Though the grand opening was only August 25, 2017, the owner of Palm Design has had decades of experiences helping brides feel absolutely fabulous on their most special of days.

From lacy mermaid bodices to beaded flapper style vintage dresses, this store is just as capable of meeting your every expectation as the famous Kleinfeld’s in New York City. Their consultants are every bit as skilled in matching your descriptions of your dream dress to beautifully design concrete realities. Even when the store has 4-5 other clients shopping for their dress, the staff at Palm Design will make you feel like you are there by yourself with their attentive attitudes and eyes for details.

Palm Design is even capable of enlarging sample dresses by sowing in t 2-5 sizes into a dress that you have fallen in love with. Their seamstress really listens to the client and is more than happy to fix the smallest detail to satisfy the even the pickiest bridezilla. Many brides have walked out of Palm Design in-rapture with their dress and on cloud nine thinking about their upcoming marital bliss. The shop is not the most inexpensive place to go for a wedding dress but for ladies willing to shell out more than half of a monthly salary for the perfect dress, Palm Design is for you.