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Regementsgatan 13, Malmö, Sverige
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Traveling to and from many different countries, you will soon come to realize that like people when food emigrates to a new country, it also changes a little bit to suit the taste of the local people. If I am going, to be honest, there are some food that changes a lot when they go from one country to another. Pizza is one of those foods that hardly stays the same from place to place.

If you happen to be a fan of good, solid, Swedish style pizza, Pompei Pizzeria just might be the place for you. Swedish pizza is uniquely thin, crisps and well balanced compared to its lavish cousins with light cheese and freshly made tomato sauce resting nicely under your toppings.

Pompei Pizzeria has been around since the 1970s under the ownership of the same family. It has that family pizzeria vibe that you don’t see in other places. People mainly visit Pompei Pizzeria for takeaways due to the fact that the restaurant itself isn’t so large but if you do want to sit down and enjoy your slice, there is plenty of space for you and possibly 3-4 friends.

Pompei Pizzeria provides lightning-fast service, its known among Malmo locals as a place where you can get a nice large round pizza in under or just after 10 minutes. In addition to pizza pies, they also serve calzone and margaritas.

I will be the first to admit that this is a combination that I personally have never had, however in trying it I found that it really wasn’t that bad. Any restaurant where you have a jovial singing old man throwing dough behind the counter and conversing merrily with his customers is a place that I will sure to be happy to visit again.