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Davidshallsgatan 9, Malmö, Sverige
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The owner narrates: In 1983 I decided to start a business selling vintage clothing until I found a career (or something better to do). I started off by selling pieces I had gathered from flea markets and church sales at London’s Camden and Greenwich markets, travelling each weekend from the north of England in my ancient van.

Pop Boutique is more than a business it´s a way of life. It comes from a passion for fashion, music, movies, furniture and all things vintage.

The business expanded slowly and in 1991 so it were approached by Topshop in Oxford Circus, London to become the first company to sell vintage clothing in their flagship shop on the back of the fashion for grunge. By this time they were importing vintage from the USA and all over Europe and exporting to clients all around the globe. The success allowed Pop Boutique to open our first shop which was seen as a long term project.

Therefore, the first Pop Boutique was opened in Oldham Street in Manchester in 1994 in the basement of café pop and reflected his love of all things vintage.

Today they have shops in Liverpool, London, Leeds, Manchester and Gothenburg in Sweden and we also have over 150 clients stocking our own label goods and vintage based, all around the world.

The store in Malmö is located in the area of Davidshall.