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Dockplatsen 1, Malmö, Sverige
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Restaurang Glasklart is a good place to have lunch at during the week. It is one of the many busy lunch restaurants in the Dockan area. It has one of the highest ceilings in Malmo. The building has glass walls on all side providing patrons with almost a good view almost anywhere they sit. The long family tables are all covered in sleek and modern gray table cloth with elegant lilac napkins and with fresh floral center pieces cut daily.

The restaurant in the evenings often host events and private shows or conferences. There is a small stage, projectors and large led TVs setup for this purpose. Lunch costs very reasonable price at the Restaurang Glasklart. It ranges between 95kr-100kr depending upon when you arrive. It is cheaper to come just before of just after the lunch rush. They offer a variety of salads and more traditional Swedish lunch there.

Their dessert is pretty fantastic. It is usually some form of brown cake with white icing and topped with fresh berries and cream. At your request, if you order a whole cake they can even decorate it quite whimsically, for example in the shape of the world map. If salad is not your thing, they can make a variety of other dishes at your requests including hardy plates like steak and potatoes.