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Mäster Johansgatan 15, Malmö, Sverige
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At Lilla Torg is this restaurant and lounge that brings together an international range of hotel guests and locals. Here you will find a featured cocktail or something to eat – Rosen serves all the meals and finishes the week with afternoon tea and brunch buffet.
Inside Rosen you will meet with characteristic velvet armchairs and sofas. Here is a comfortable meeting place for hotel guests, business people and passers-byers who want to eat or have something to drink. Mornings start early with a breakfast buffet consisting of about 30 cold and hot dishes, then the day goes on with homemade lunch in the form of fish, vegetarian and meat dishes. Anyone who wishes can also book their own table in the lounge for a lunch or afternoon meeting in the middle of town.

The dinner menu includes, among other things, Rosen classics like Caesar salad, club sandwiches and meatballs. But here, not only are dinner guests alive – many afterworkers and other drinking enthusiasts come to visit the famous cocktail bar. Behind the bar mixes the bartender’s innovative thinking cocktails inspired by classic counterparts.

On the weekend, you can also take a break in shopping and walking and enjoy Saturday afternoon afternoon tea. In addition to three different menus consisting of scones and other mandatory goodies, bubbles are also offered. The week ends with a seasonal brunch buffet in two seasons every Sunday. Everything from cold cold to hot dishes, dessert and a cappuccino or latte are included.