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Östra Förstadsgatan 29, Malmö, Sverige
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Avocado fanatics rejoice! Sájvva is about to be your new favorite restaurant in Malmo. They describe themselves as Indian, international, contemporary vegetarian fusion and vegan friendly. It’s certainly a lot to fit in to a description of one’s business. However I must point out before you get too excited that this place is certainly not cheap. It falls in the middle and upper price range in terms of Malmo restaurants. However many vegans and vegetarians in the city absolutely adore this place for its high-class feel and commitment to quality as well as ethics. The menu certainly isn’t large but you’d be hard pressed to find something that wasn’t delicious on it. Even non-vegetarians and vegans will be impressed with what Sájvva has to offer. There are many surprises on the menu; I wouldn’t want to ruin them for you so therefore I will not spoil Sájvva’s surprises in this review. Suffice to say though, all their food is packed with flavors and colors in combinations that the owners picked up on their travels through Southeast Asia and India. In addition to the food the cocktails are really fantastic as well, well balanced and just the right amount of strength. The owners were inspired by street food and describe their cuisine as the very trendy new term “ slow food”. Online there are conflicting reviews about the quality of service particularly for large groups, however during our visit we found them to be quite polite and helpful. In all seriousness Sájvva is not a place to miss if you are looking for excellent food in Malmo.