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Östra Förstadsgatan 31, Malmö, Sverige
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Standing apart from the rest of the crowd, Samurai Sushi is a much more imaginative take on the Japanese restaurant than its fellow competitors in the city of Malmo. While sushi itself is quite delicious and very affordable, what they do to stand out is to make sure that every large plate of sushi; meaning plates with more than 30 pieces are arranged into a visually appealing shape or style. These commonly come in shapes such as hearts made out of the combination of sashimi and maki rolls but they can also write your name on the sushi.

I can’t think of a more clever way for a sushi restaurant to celebrate its one of its patrons birthday than spelling their name out in delicious tuna rolls. Samurai Sushi is often called on to cater to weddings. With their affordable priced dishes, they don’t compromise on taste. It is many the Malmo couple that choose to indulge in this fishy treat on their most special of days. First time guest who come to Samurai Sushi rarely just visit once.

While sitting at the restaurant I happened to strike up a conversation with the gentleman sitting next to me. He remarked that his first visit was two weeks ago and that he had eaten at Samurai Sushi four times since that first visit. The servers at Samurai Sushi are really top notch. It can get really busy during the rush time but they always keep their cool and provide excellent service. You can also order takeout.