savoy grill place
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Norra Vallgatan 62, Malmö, Sverige
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In the walls there are a century of food processes, grocery mood and the enjoyable good life. It was here that the celebrities and profiles of the past paraded, where everything happened, where myths and screams were created. Now we’re writing 2015 and the new Savoy Grill is blowing up from the past. With today’s touch, new grips, new food codes and a cocktail bar as it claims a big city. Same rooms in the new glow vintage could be said. New Savoy Grill is run by Krögarduon Niklas Billsten and Joakim Nilsson who are behind the popular fish restaurant Johan P. Together with other staff, they make every effort to make the dining room again the obvious meeting place in central Malmö. It is from the new open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant as most of the barbecue-based menu is cooked to the expectant guests.