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Located inside the city center (by the Gustav Adolph center) and very near to public transport (Flybussarna station), this grand hotel is only about a kilometer and a half away from Lilia Torg. The Scandic St Jörgen Hotel offers a combination of luxury, value, and sophistication that people have come to expect from this well-known hospitality chain.


They offer all the of standard amenities; a gym, conference room, excellent restaurant, and bar, as well as some you might not expect, such as a playroom for your young children and a complimentary sauna! The Scandic St Jörgen Hotel is a great place to unwind after a day of working or shopping in Malmo, you can go for a swim in their Hylliebadet swimming pool, or go for a dip at the nearby Ribersborg beach. They even have a cold-bath house available in winter for those that wish to take part in the Nordic tradition of slipping into a cold bath and then rushing into a sauna.


In their modernly decorated Scandinavian styled rooms, you’ll feel like you’re living your best life, with their sleek modern interiors and up to date bathroom fixtures and appliances. Don’t be afraid to order room service, guests at this hotel have a lot of praise to give in terms of the culinary talents of the in-house kitchens.


If you’re afraid that this might be beyond your travel budget, don’t fear! They offer weekly specials and seasonal discounts that you can check out on their website.