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Järnvägsgatan 6, Vellinge, Sverige
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At Malmöfestivalen you can find a food truck named Simple Food standing in the first row of the food trucks at Gustav Adolfs torg.It is a big blue truck you can not miss it as you pass by, its their first year at the festival and if you want to try something diffrent and delicous this is the place.
The staff are very passionate about what they cook so everything that is going to touch your tongue, is made of all the love that the team could put out in one dish.

They offer you a delicous Bánh Mí with a long-boiled high ridge & teriaki or you can get a Gua Bao with five spice karré, hoisin & kimchi.
If you are not into meat they have a tofu in a delicous tomato sauce with scallion. What ever you might choice to have you will not be dissapointed

If you dont have the oppurtunity to eat from the food truck at this festival you dont have to worry beacuse they travel around to most of the big festivals in Skåne.

So what are you waiting for go and find Simple Food Truck at the festival, prepare yourself to be amazed.