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Råsundavägen 159, 169 36 Solna, Sverige
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If you are like me, good Chinese food can brighten even your darkest days. On days when nothing seems to go right I can always take solace in the thought of ordering my favorite dishes in my most well loved Chinese restaurant and pigging out until I can’t handle another bite. 

Ho Wah is just the type of restaurant where you could do this. The dining area is cozy and comfortable. You can get lost in your thoughts while watching the fish lazily swim through the tank in the center of the room. Throughout your visit the staff treats you like family, attentively seeing to your every need. 

The portions are large and filling so it may be best to bring a friend or the whole family on your visit. There are a variety of sauces and flavors to try and sharing is highly encouraged. You can get something to satisfy everyone from the vegetarians to the spice enthusiast. 

The lunch buffet is an especially great value. You get to choose your favorite dishes and even try a few that you may not generally order on your own. Perhaps you will even leave with a new favorite recipe to take home. 

Whether you order from the a la carte, take out, or buffet you are sure to get traditional and delicious Chinese favorites. These include szechuan pork, fried shrimp, and many different curries. With over 25 years of excellent service you are certain to enjoy your experience.