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Storgatan 25, 171 63 Solna, Sverige
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For those of us in the world that are indecisive, going out to eat can be almost a chore. Sometimes you get a craving and know exactly what you want. Others, you want something spicy but you also just want classic comfort food. For me, there are two types of food that always sound nice, Thai or pizza.

In Stockholm there is a perfect place for those like me, Il Capitano. There is a little of everything on the menu here. The pizzas are crispy and perfectly topped, the Thai food is plentiful and bathed in delicious sauces, they even have kebabs and pastas. 

Inside is like a classic neighborhood pizzeria. There are not too many frills because they have chosen to focus on providing fantastic service and even better food, as well as plenty of variety. The food is available for dining in of taking out, because nothing is better than curling up to your favorite movie with some warm Thai and a cold drink, right?

The pizzas include your favorites like capricciosa, napolitana, and quattro stagioni. There are also specials like the kebab pizza, served with kebab meat, and the lamira, with shrimp, banana, pineapple, and curry. 

For the Thai section you are sure to love anything from the wok. Each dish is prepared with care and the freshest ingredients. If you’re not in the mood for Thai or pizza, you can also check out the amazing pastas, gyros, kebabs, and salads. There is really something for any appetite.