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Gustav III:s Boulevard 41, 169 73 Solna, Sweden
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There is nothing quite like pizza from a wood stove. The smells permeate through the restaurant while it cooks. The taste is the perfect blend of smokey and sweet. And the pizza is cooked in the perfect consistency. It is the way pizza was made for hundreds of years and the way it should always be made, when possible, of course.

However, this cooking method can be a difficult skill to master. Fire is unpredictable and not all wood ovens are the same. Luckily, in Stockholm the good people at Il Palazzo have mastered this art and so many more recipes to delight their customers.

Most locals in the neighborhood have already discovered this restaurant and adopted it as their go to pizza place. If you are new to town or just visiting, it is something you simply must try. They have all of the classic pizzas you know and love like pepperoni, margherita, and vegetarian.

In addition to pizzas, they have amazing pasta dishes, salads, and grilled meats and vegetables. And we can’t forget the delicious beers and wines to pair with the meal.

The staff here is super friendly and feels like family. They go above and beyond for all their customers, whether they are regulars or it is their first time visiting.

There is also plenty of room inside and out on the patio for large groups so you can come enjoy family pizza night, come with your team after a sporting event, or even start you birthday party here.