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Centralplan 4, Malmö, Sverige
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Spazio is a restaurant located in the food court section of Malmo station. Its great to grab a quick meal or snack, or to take it on the go with you as you travel! As its name suggests they serve up Italian dishes. You can get anything from paninis, pastas, lasagnas, calzones or even mini pizzas at a very reasonable price, usually between 85Kr and 100Kr for the majority of the dishes that they serve up. While Malmo station has plenty of interesting stalls to try out, Spazio is the go to stall for all of you cheese fanatics. Nearly every item in this stall is smothered in salty cheesy goodness. You can grab your sandwich of choice, be it a prosciutto panini or a tomato mozzarella one, have it warmed for you and hop on the train across Sweden with your delicious dairy treat.


I feel its my responsibility to note that Spazio doesn’t have great reputation online. There food is often written to be too oily, too salty or somewhat cheap in quality however I feel that these reviewers are being a bit unfair to Spazio. For the price they charge and the fact that they are a food stall in a train station, you really can’t compare them to a gourmet establishment. To their credit they take cash as well as card and even AMEX. The staffs are really helpful and speak perfect English and the food they serve can a real comfort on a cold travelling day. If you are travelling with a large party of people and someone isn’t interested or doesn’t want to eat Spazio’s food, its located in a food court so they can just choose another stall to eat from. You can sit across from them with your lasagnas and them with their pad thai and you guys can enjoy a bite to eat before you get on the train.