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Lilla torg 7, Malmö, Sverige
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Sitting on a busy walking street, Steakhouse Lilla Torg is there to please for every meat lover who happens to be walking by. This quality steakhouse offers the most beautiful cuts of beef, fish, or chicken. Being a steakhouse, however, the meat is their main mouthwatering attraction. They buy from some of the finest producers all over the world, which at the time if this writing includes beef raised in the United States, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, and of course, Sweden. All steaks come with a complimentary glass of red wine and confited tomatoes. A word from the wise, do leave room for dessert, particularly the ever-so-moist apple cake, it is equally as blissful as the meat.

However, be well aware, the chefs recommend that you do not order these beauties ‘well-done’ or you might miss out on the wonderful flavor that can be packed into such high-quality beef. Not to worry though, every steak cooked is fresh enough that you need not concern yourself with tearing into delicious pink flesh. If you’re worried about bringing someone that may not be as much of a meat lover as you are, fear not. They also cook a mean veggie burger for those that do not wish to partake. An afternoon spent with a beer or cocktail, and one of these exquisite dishes is a noble way to pass an evening.

Like many establishments in Malmo, Steakhouse Lilla Torg is a cash-free restaurant; so feel free to whip out your cards or mobile phones to pay the bill. Happy eating!