118 second läder
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118 Second Läder, Odengatan, Stockholm, Sweden
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Leather lovers rejoice! At 118 Second Läder they carry second hand leather and furs in many different styles and goods. They are passionate about leather goods and have been collecting and working with them for over 30 years.

Customers from all over the world flock to this store for their beautiful fashions and one of a kind pieces. They carry jackets, belts, jewelry, and boots in all different styles. One does not realize how versatile leather can be but it really fits in several different looks.

You can check out many of their items on their site or Instagram page, but the best experience is coming in to the store and having a look around yourself. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They can help you with finding the right look for your personal style, give advice for taking care of your leather items, or just answer any questions about the intricacies of leather work.

It is a great place to come in and browse through the selection as they are changing all the time. They bring in new stock regularly and despite only carrying a particular type of clothing, they have a great variety. They try to keep things fresh by stocking items that look best with leather as well as the items you have come to expect.

In addition to buying and selling leather goods, they can help you care for your items. They offer repair and alterations, lining, dry cleaning, and even cold storage for furs.