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Katarina Bangata 42, 116 39 Stockholm, Sweden
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If you are a fan of crepes, those wonderful thin little dessert pancakes with delightfully sweet treat fillings – and I am! – you might want to pay a visit to A la Crepe, a beautifully charming, cozy café in the French tradition right in the middle of SOFO.

The owners of A la Crepe aim to serve up ‘Crepes with love’ and from the moment you approach the continental-style space with the airy white tables out front, you know they mean it. Crystal chandeliers light the interior adorned with dark wood accents, while seemingly no detail has been spared to make you feel as though you are enjoying a meal in Normandy, Brittany or even the Left Bank itself, perhaps awaiting news of La Resistance. The décor is decidedly retro-French rather than contemporary, but that just adds to the ambience.

A la Crepe is not just a place for desserts. They also serve up gallets – ‘food pancakes’ made from organic buckwheat flour which are savory versions of the sweet dessert crepes. A number are available featuring various combinations of meats, fish, cheeses and vegetables, with vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. But, of course, a café calling itself A la Crepe will certainly serve up the traditional sweet desserts, from Crepe Suzette to Normandie, with some of their own modern variations thrown in as well. And all of the ‘pancakes’ created at A la Crepe are gluten-free.

The café offers several beverage options from coffees and tea to soft drinks, beers, wines, champagne and imported Normandy cider. But it’s best to make a reservation – retro-French is rather popular in Sweden!