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Västerlånggatan 72, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden
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Italian food is a staple in any diet. It is the perfect comfort food. The large portions make it great for families. And the fantastic flavors and extensive wine pairings make it a romantic date night treat. Agaton knows this and creates the perfect dishes for every occasion.

If you are here for a date night, you can choose one of their specially designed three course dinners. These are built with thought and care by the chefs to offer the customers the best flavors in their dining experience. If you are looking for something more casual for the date night, nothing says romance quite like their heart shaped pizzas.

The restaurant is comfortable and large so you can come in with your family as well. Italian food is varied and delicious enough that everyone can find something they like. Whether it is pizza, pasta with tomato sauce, or seafood each family member leaves full and happy.

Agaton is also a great place for a weekday lunch. They offer many of their most loved pizza and pasta dishes in addition to the popular salad buffet. This is a great value, but don’t fill up on salad because you don’t want to miss their entrees!

Despite being completely satisfied and likely ready for a nap after your meal, dessert is always a must here. Their desserts are so fresh and they use locally sourced fruit and berries that you cannot miss in their sorbets and panna cotta.