Agilokliniken Stockholm Naprapat
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Norrlandsgatan 11, 111 43 Stockholm
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Massage therapy and physiotherapy have so many subtle intricacies that it truly takes a professional to understand and use to your advantage. The professionals at Agilokliniken have years of experience and training to pull from when creating a custom treatment for you and your specific issues.

The staff specializes in many different types of treatments. They include acupuncture, sports therapy, chiropractic services, and so much more. They treat clients with serious injuries as well as those with minor aches and pains. Each client gets exactly the treatment they need from a masseuse, therapist, or naprapathy specialist.

They work with you to evaluate your history, possible reasons for your pain, and specific areas that need attention. During this process they use many methods like ultrasounds and diagnostic massage. They then use all of this acquired information to design a tailored treatment, just for you.

The treatments are wonderful for finding a more relaxed state. The also help to relieve stress and tension, in addition to improving blood circulation and overall health. The clinics are well stocked with products that help you reach these goals as well.

Each of the specialists here is passionate about their work. They stay up to date on the latest treatments and methods and share this information with each other and you. They do their best to always educate you on best practices and products to use outside of the clinic to stay healthy. This is because they genuinely care about your well being.