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Hornsgatan 18, 118 20 Stockholm, Sweden
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If you are a connoisseur of whiskey or beer, you need to come to Akkurat. This place is serious about their drinks. The staff here loves what they do and the passion shows in the variety of drinks offered.

At any given time you can find at least 15 great beers on tap, with ten regulars and some special guests from local and international breweries. Beyond the draft beer, the have an almost endless assortment of bottled beer as well.

If you came for the whiskey, prepare yourself. The whiskey menu is more like a small novel than a menu. The menu includes a short description and is separated by country of origin, or in Scotland’s case region.

If you are overwhelmed by all of these options you can simply ask your server or bartender for suggestions as they are always ready to help. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable because they are enthusiastic about what they have to offer.

Now with all of this thought and zeal put into offering the best beers and whiskeys you would expect them to fall short on food. Honestly, I would be satisfied if they just had typical bar food. This is not the case! The food here is fantastic with fresh seafood, savory grilled meats, and delightful vegetarian options.

The whole experience is incredible especially when you make it in for live music or a beer tasting. Dates for these events can be found with much more information on their website