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Olofsgatan 12, 111 36 Stockholm, Sweden
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With the geographical layout of Stockholm it is no surprise that diving is a popular activity. For those that are experienced divers and those that are just getting started, this is the best place to go for all of you diving needs.

They sell all of the products you need from the best suppliers out there. They carry brands like  Fourth Element Technisub, Aqualung, and Agir Chunk. No matter what you are looking for they can find it in this incredibly well stocked store.

The staff here is also experienced and can help you with any questions or advice. They use the products themselves and are always happy to share stories, tips, and chat about anything diving related.

If you are not ready to buy equipment yet, they can help you with rented equipment as well. They will fit you up with everything you need and ask poignant questions to make sure you are prepared for the dive. In fact, whether you are buying or renting they will have you try the products out in their pool to ensure everything is operational and suits your needs.

For those that are just getting started, they offer diving courses right here in the store. You can learn the basics from an experienced professional and get a feel for what it is like being underwater with all the equipment. They will give you tips and set you at ease so you are totally prepared for your undersea journey. All this in the comfort and safety of the store.