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Anders Massage, Götgatan 62, 118 26 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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With Anders A Massage you get a personal massage therapy session that is unforgettable. The salon is cozy and relaxing, the massage is perfectly suited to your specific pain, and Anders is incredibly friendly and communicative.

When you enter, the mood is already set with soothing music and cool, luxurious aromas. Anders greets you with a friendly smile and begins to get to know you and evaluate what type of massage you need. You will talk about pain, injuries, and personal preference before settling in to receive this unique treatment.

Anders worked as a cook for many years before training as a massage therapist. This means his hands are built strong and can coordinate well to reach spots that many masseuses may not be able to work out.

After completing his training and receiving his certification he began delighting clients with his services. He is passionate about massage therapy and stays up to date on the latest methods and techniques to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

He is available for classic massage, corporate events, and MLS laser therapy. The laser therapy is a new technology that uses two laser wavelengths simultaneously to treat and relieve difficult to reach, painful areas on your body. It has many benefits including a short treatment time, anti inflammatory effects, and rapid recovery times.

You will work together through your visit to find treatments that work best for your lifestyle and body. His goal is your well being and happiness, and he cannot reach it without your input.