Aungun Thaimassage Spa Stockholm
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Västmannagatan 11, 111 24 Stockholm
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The type of Thai therapy offered at Aungun Spa Therapy involves stretching and deep massage. This is because it takes its roots from yoga and Indian massage as well as Thai. It is a unique experience and one that should not be missed.

The therapists here have years of experience, although the premises are brand new. The new materials mean you are getting state of the art equipment paired with the amazing services. They work hard to make sure everyone feels cared for and understands the treatment they are receiving.

The massage therapists here understand the body and are communicative with clients. If there is a specific area where you want them to focus or a technique you prefer, all you need to do is ask and they will not only comply but they will remember on your next visit. The attentive and professional service each client receives is only part of the wonder of this clinic.

The salons are relaxing and filled with soothing aromas and music. The beds are very comfortable, setting you at ease even before the massage begins.

During the massage you are invited to release all of your stress and muscles. As is the custom with Thai massage, they use everything they have to work through your entire body. This technique is known to increase blood flow, reduce anxiety, promote healing, and much more. They are very skilled at this center and it shows in everything they do.