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Triewaldsgränd 3, Stockholm, Sverige
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Bågar & Pilar has a great selection of archery equipment and accessories both in store and online. You can find what you need here, whether you are just getting started or are an expert archer looking for the latest and greatest equipment.

You are welcomed into the store by a beautiful and sweet dog who doubles as both the greeter and security guard. From there you can look around on your own or talk to the knowledgeable staff if you need assistance.

It is a relatively small store so you are able to receive very personal service every time you enter. The staff is experienced in the sport and ready to talk about anything you need.

Despite their size, the store’s selection is diverse and extensive. They carry the leading brands for bows, equipment, bags, and even targets and posters.

They even have books and DVDs if you are looking for more insight into the sport. If you are looking to show off your your passion even when you are not out shooting you can pick up some of their stylish clothes like sweatshirts and caps. And don’t forget to get your finger tabs while you’re there for protection.  The hardest thing about visiting the store is trying to not buy everything you see.

The staff can even help you with technical issues like restringing or tightening the strings on your bow. They have been shooting for years and can therefore troubleshoot any technical problems you may be having.