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Lindhagensgatan 114, 112 51 Stockholm, Sverige
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A visit to Ballbreaker restaurant and activity center in Stockholm’s Kungsholmen district may be one of the most unique and satisfying experiences you’ll ever have!

Ballbreaker is much more than simply a restaurant and bar. It’s a game center where big kids (adults) can go and play – darts, billiards, shuffleboard…there’s even a VR simulator. Try your hand at racing ‘toy’ cars around a six-lane track, or climb into a life-sized racing simulator and experience the sensation for yourself! You can practice your golf swing or football kick in video simulators and even test your hunting and sniping skills. And there’s an 18-lane professional bowling alley that offers disco bowling on the weekends and food and drinks served by waiters on roller skates!

Speaking of refreshments, the options at Ballbreaker are much more sophisticated than what you might expect from an arcade or your neighborhood ten-pin hall. Yes, there are burgers, but also fried pike, grilled steak and trout, confit pork side, and lobster soup. And a wine, beer and drinks menu that would be the envy of a lot of more upscale restaurants. Prices, though, are a little on the high side.

Ballbreaker offers lunch, dinner, a buffet and drinks along with packages that include food, drinks and a variety of gameplay for families, groups and companies, many of which include a host. They can also accommodate special events –bridal showers, bachelor parties and family and corporate gatherings for the holidays are among their specialties.