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Kungsträdgården, 111 47 Stockholm, Sverige
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Bar Burger Café, on the edge of Kungstradgarden in central Stockholm, is one of several properties in the city owned by PDF Brasserie Group. This one, as the name might imply, specializes in burgers, big burgers, and other sandwiches. There’s the traditional cheeseburger, the True burger, Mexican brunch burger, lemon herb chicken burger, even a vegetarian burger. There’s a daily burger, a burger of the month, and the giant Hungry Viking triple cheeseburger for those who really bring an appetite. You can order a steak sub, Caesar salad, or fish n’ chips, pair them with traditional sides like mixed salad, onion rings, or french, sweet potato or jalapeno cheese fries, the Café’s own specialty dips, a tasty shake, and finish them off with a classic dessert of apple pie, chocolate fondant, or vanilla ice cream.

Of course, what are burgers without beer, and Bar Burger Café’s location lends itself to relaxing on the Parisian-inspired outdoor patio and people watching while sipping a cold draft, glass of wine or spirits, frozen cocktail, or alcohol infused milkshake. When weather does not permit, you can instead enjoy your meal indoors, sitting at one of the New York deli-inspired tables or booths. It’s all good.

Bar Burger Café caters mostly to tourists and while the service is good and friendly, the food prices tend to be rather high. So go for the people-watching, enjoy an all-natural burger and toasted bun, a nice cold beer, and debit it to part of your Swedish experience!