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Hornsbergs Strand 85, 112 15 Stockholm, Sverige
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Beirut Bistro, as the name might suggest, is a lovely eatery in which to enjoy Lebanese food and hospitality without leaving Stockholm. Furnished, as its owners maintain, in a modern Lebanese way, the space offers a comfortable, contemporary environment to enjoy a lunch, dinner or special occasion.

As is traditional in the Middle East, Beirut Bistro offers a number of small dishes, called meze, along with a selection of meals from the grill. There are about 30 different meze options available, including hummus, baba ganoush,  and tabbouli, along with falafel, calamares, halloumi and a number of beef, lamb and other seafood and vegetable-based dishes. There is also a tasting menu available offering a variety of different meze combos, and barbeque options, which include a number of marinated and grilled lamb, beef, chicken and fish dishes. The restaurant has a small selection of wines and beers available and prices are reasonable – most individual meze dishes are less than 90kr and meals are all under 300kr. In addition to the dinner menu, Beirut Bistro also serves a Lebanese lunch buffet weekdays,  featuring a variety of hot and cold dishes, meal drink, coffee or tea, fruit and cake for 109 SEK.

Located on Hornsbergs Strand in Kungsholmen, the restaurant offers a beautiful view of Lake Ulvsundas and can accommodate up to 90 people on two floors as well as providing an outside seating area. They are available for special events and even host some of their own, including a traditional Lebanese Christmas dinner served throughout the holiday season.