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Bryggargatan 12, Stockholm, Sverige
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Belgium is famous for their many delicious delicacies. From the chocolate and waffles to the beer and seafood, Belgium has so much to offer the world in the way of food and culture. The good people of Belgobaren wish to share all of this with Sweden and all of their guests.

They offer several daily specials each weekday on their lunch menu. Every day you will find at least one meat, seafood, and vegetarian option to suit every diet. Lunches come at a set price and because they know after trying it once you’ll return again and again, they offer your eleventh lunch for free!.

While lunch is a fantastic midday treat that can be enjoyed here day after day, dinner is an unforgettable experience. The menu includes a diverse assortment of organic and locally grown mussel dishes. Each is cooked with traditional Belgian recipes. Some sauces include wine, cream, and horseradish or simple tomato and herb.

The mussels are delicious but not for everyone, so they offer many other intricately designed plates. Each main course is described in detail on the menu and even comes with a suggested beer pairing, because what is a Belgian meal without a beer to pair it with?

They have a great selection of beers here making this a perfect place for beer enthusiasts. Even if you don’t have time to sit down for a meal, the great service and relaxed atmosphere makes this a great bar to take a break and sip a crisp Belgian ale.