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Fridhemsgatan 62, 112 46 Stockholm, Sverige
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The full name of Bella Vista restaurant is Bella Vista Restaurang Vedugnspizzeria, referring to the wood oven in which they make their pizzas. That, and the fact that they use fresh, local meat and fish in their dishes, and the best food and drink suppliers both in Italy and Sweden, is what they feel sets them apart and makes them one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. And many of their customers would agree.

Located on a quiet side street in Stockholm’s Kungsholmen district, Bella Vista is a lovely and charming place. But even with both indoor and outdoor seating, the venue is on the small side, so you might want to take advantage of their takeaway service and have your meal elsewhere if it is crowded.

The eatery offers a set but generous menu each weekday for lunch. Diners can choose from daily pasta and pizza dishes, as well as beef, chicken, fish and salad options. The dinner menu offers similar selections, along with starters, desserts and aperitifs, and there are literally more than three dozen varieties of pizza to choose from any day. There are a number of beers, ciders, liquors and coffee beverages available, along with a very respectable wine list that not only lets the customer know what region the wine is from, but also its character and what grapes were used to make it.

Prices are quite reasonable. You can grab a quick lunch for 110kr, pizza for 115-150kr, or have a nice dinner for less than 200kr.