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Berzelii park 9, 111 47 Norrmalm, Stockholm, Sverige
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Since 1944, the elegant Berns Asiatiska has been serving up Asian fare to locals and international celebrities alike. Located in the historic boutique Berns Hotel complex in central Stockholm, Berns Asiatiska was the first Chinese restaurant  opened in Sweden. Over the past 75 years, it has expanded its menu to include dishes from across Asian cultures. And with an extensive catalog of cocktails and spirits available, along with an international wine list, dining at the Berns Asiatiska is most definitely a luxury experience.

Seated in plush red velvet armchairs in a room lit with majestic crystal chandeliers, visitors overlook Berzelli Park while enjoying their meals. Berns Asiatiska offers a traditional breakfast menu, an Asian brunch featuring both hot and cold dishes, set lunches along with specials of the day, and both a set and a la carte menu for dinner from which diners can create their own meals. Prices, as you might expect, tend to be on the high side for such an historic and classic dining experience, with both lunch and dinner menus ranging from about 200-300, glasses of wine from about 100-165, and cocktails around 146, and the eatery is a cash-free venue, accepting only bank cards. But such an experience may well be worth it!

Berns Asiatiska will be celebrating its 75 anniversary year throughout 2019, with special events scheduled during the month of February to mark the eatery’s opening on February 23, 1944. So call, email or go online to make a reservation today!