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Kungsgatan 16, Stockholm, Sverige
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A night out at the movies has always been a favorite adventure for couples, families, and film enthusiasts. Whether you want a major Hollywood blockbuster, a sweet romantic comedy, or an independent drama, at Biograf Rigoletto they have it all and more.

The theater was originally built in 1939 and completely restored in 2012 giving it a great mix of old and new. They boast 937 seats arranged for a perfect view of the show in any one of their 4 salons. This includes the VIP balcony seating in plush, leather armchairs and access to the private bar outside the theater.

Each salon is beautiful and uses state of the art equipment for the best quality sound and picture. The seats are especially comfortable and surprisingly spacious.

The food and drinks are also a surprising delight. They have classic treats like candy, popcorn, or chips. There are also delicious drinks and cocktails. You can hang out in the lobby or bar before your movie and start your short escape, or go outside and relax in the sun on a nice day or even enjoy the lights in the warm nights.

The events and films shown here vary so much. They have interesting and one of a kind film festivals, as well as seminars and live musical acts. Locals should definitely stay up to date on what is happening here as you don’t want to miss out on any of the amazing experiences you can have here.