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Kungsgatan 24, Stockholm, Sverige
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This cinema is a unique experience in every way. It is one of the oldest active cinemas in the world. They have huge screens, comfortable seating, and great service. You can watch the most exciting new movies, make your own event, or come to one of their special events.

As one of the longest running theaters in the world, they have undergone many changes over the years. Through their many different owners they have changed their themes, decorations and ambiance but always kept sight of their main goal. That is to provide a one of a kind entertainment experience for their customers.

They do this now in many ways. You can check their site for current movies and times. They show the best movies that are playing internationally as well as local favorites and smaller independent films. There is something for every taste. You can also get your classic snacks and drinks to enjoy while you watch.

If you need a space for a large seminar or are having a party that you want to show a film they can help you with all of the amenities. They have many options for catering, so you can work with their specialists to design the perfect menu. It is the perfect place to privately screen a movie with a large group of friends, or host an informational seminar. They will also provide and help set up the audio and visual equipment for your presentation and are always on hand for any support.