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Götgatan 67, Stockholm, Sverige
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What sets this cinema apart from the rest is the personal treatment you receive here. It is a smaller cinema so the staff is more available to help you in any way and you are not sharing the screening with quite so many people.

Despite the size of the theater, you never feel cramped. Whether you are in the lobby, salon, or in line for concessions you always have plenty of space to enjoy your night out.

There is a great little cafe in the lobby area where you can sit before your film and enjoy an artisan coffee and tasty pastry. The smells of fresh brewed coffee permeate the air and get you excited for your viewing.

The theaters show the best new movies and there are plenty of screens for many different films to be shown each day. It’s perfect for a day out with the family, a cute date night, or even just some alone time with your favorite actors.

In addition to the major blockbusters, the salons are available for rent for special events. If you’re having a seminar and need a professional space or a large party where you’d like a private screening of a film, you can work with staff to organize something spectacular.

Each of the seats is luxuriously plush and comfortable. They use the most modern technology and the entire cinema is classically decorated. There is even a beautiful fountain near the stairwell for a special touch.