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Stockholmsvägen 25, Märsta, Sverige
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Taking in a movie at Biokällan is an absolute treat. The films they show are thought provoking as well as entertaining and the food is surprisingly delightful. It is an all around wonderful experience and has been for many years.

Those that have been to Biokällan come back again and again because it is an affordable movie night with a cozy and personal touch. The films shown here are artistic and beautifully made. They show some of the big films that everyone is talking about, but also smaller independent films that everyone should be talking about.

The food is not what you would expect from a movie theater. Don’t get me wrong, they have chips and candy. However, they also have treats like dumplings and other Asian inspired snacks. It is a refreshing change from the same greasy snacks you find at many theaters.

The salons themselves are clean and well cared for. They boast comfortable seating with great views of the screen no matter where you are sat. The picture and sound quality is perfect for drawing you into the engaging stories taking place in front of you.

It is a captivating experience and a nice step away from the huge, impersonal cinemas. The theaters are beautiful and great for large parties. They can even be rented for private events. They have been host to live shows and seminars as the space is clean and inviting with dedicated staff that will ensure each guest has a memorable experience.