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Nybergs Torg 4A, Sundbyberg, Sverige
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Looking for some traditional Franco-American cuisine in the heart of Stockholm? Then Bistro Bon may be just what you’re looking for.

Situated a bit off the beaten path within a block of rather plain looking buildings that belie its charmingly decorated interior, Bistro Bon is located at Renstiernas gata 30 in the SoFo area of Sodermalm borough. Its relaxed elegance lends a cozy and informal feel to the venue which specializes in authentic, traditional French and American meat and seafood dishes, along with a respectable offering of wine, beer, champagne, cocktails and other liquors and beverages.

Passionate about food and drink, the operators of Bistro Bon pride themselves on the quality of the food they provide . There are special plates offered each day at various price points along with the invitation for each patron to compose their own 2- or 3-course meal. Selections include a variety of seafood offerings along with beef dishes prepared using Japanese wagyu meat, traditional American burgers and other sandwiches, and even escargot as an appetizer if you’d really like to dive into an authentic French culinary experience! And, of course, crème brulee is available as a dessert. Sundays offer dining specials with 2- and 3-course meals available for 245 or 295, and there is a special menu available for children.

While a bit on the pricey side, the food is tasty, the service is friendly and reliable and the venue is popular but rather small, so if you’d like to pay a visit to Bistro Bon for an evening meal, reservations would probably be a prudent move.