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Surbrunnsgatan 38, Stockholm, Sverige
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Thai food it the perfect fusion of comfort food, spice, and clean eating. From the aromas to the portions that encourage sharing, it is all around one of the best cuisines around. Blue Chili creates a genuine Thai experience both in the restaurant and the food itself.

They use traditional Thai ingredients and recipes for everything they make. They have your traditional favorites like pad Thai and curry dishes with steamed rice. Each dish is bursting with flavors like spicy chilis and savory basil.

All of their meals are made to order so you can customize them to suit your diet or work around food allergies. This fresh way of doing things means the whole restaurant is constantly filled with the rich aromas of the fresh ingredients being combined for maximum satisfaction.

They service is fantastic with friendly smiles all around. The waiters are incredibly knowledgeable about the menu and can explain all dishes and work together with you to design your new favorite. They will also help you choose the perfect drink to pair with it like wine, beer, or one of their many teas.

The restaurant itself is a sight to behold. It is simply decorated with many bold colors and beautiful hanging lanterns. Both the staff and the ambience do a great job of setting the guests at ease and creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your meal. You can come in for lunch or dinner or check out their special brunch menus.