blue light yokohama sushi
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Åsögatan 170, Stockholm, Sverige
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The search for a genuine Japanese restaurant in Stockholm can be exhausting. So many places advertise Japanese food but really just serve some sushi rolls and miso soup. Blue Light Yokohama in not one of these boring restaurants.

The sushi here is beautiful and made by professional sushi chefs that understand the complexity of the flavor combinations they are creating. They offer traditional rolls with a variety of fish, vegetables and sauces as well as sashimi rolls in which you get the full flavor experience with the best pieces of fish. They also have some one of a kind vegetable rolls and fried treats.

One of the most popular dishes, and quite possibly the best thing on the menu, is the ramen bowl. You can choose from the traditional pork bone broth or a vegetarian broth. Each recipe is amazing and authentic with flavors like spicy garlic or yuzu pepper. The noodles and all ingredients are perfectly cooked and balanced the pickled egg adds a authentic touch.

If you are here with a party of eight or more they have a great set menu that allows you all to share the diverse flavors of the restaurant. It comes with edamame and the daily carpaccio, the special roll of the day, grilled eggplant, miso marinated fish, and crispy fried chicken. They also have a separate set menu just for vegetarians and will work hard to accommodate all of their customers with food allergies.