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Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 68, Stockholm, Sverige
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Brockholmen restaurants all start with the philosophy that a restaurant should be more than just a place to get food. It should be a place to meet with friends, somewhere you come to get away from it all, and an institution that the neighborhood cannot survive without. That is what they aimed to create with their first location and have expanded this idea to neighborhoods throughout Stockholm.

With 10 restaurants spread all over the city, they are obviously reaching this goal and the people love it. The food is fantastic as the employ they most experienced and innovative chefs they can find. These are people that care about quality and therefore work hard to find the freshest locally sourced ingredients for all of their products. Each restaurant is unique but has at least one common factor, deep caring for providing the most memorable experiences.

The first and main restaurant on Nybrogatan 38 is possibly the most popular, for good reason. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner; or you can just stop in for some tasty drinks and a little hospitality. They also have live music regularly and evening DJs to keep the party going after dinner has been enjoyed.

This is a socially responsible business, meaning they purchase high quality raw ingredients from suppliers that work hard to ensure sustainable practices.

They are also available for catering and events. You can work with one of their experienced chefs to create the perfect menu for your wedding, retirement party, or other event.