boutique två tre gånger
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Linnégatan 34, 114 47 Stockholm, Sweden
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So many second hand stores are known for musty old clothes and quirky retro styles. This is not the case at Boutique Två Tre Gånger. The clothes here are beautiful and come from the top designers around. They take care when selecting each and every item to ensure authenticity.

The store has been operating for over 30 years with one goal in mind, providing beautiful recycled clothes at a reasonable price. It is currently owned and operated by a mother and her daughter and you can feel the warm family vibes upon entering.

They carry a great variety of women’s clothes and accessories including designer shoes and bags. You can find the perfect evening dress for a special night out and all the jewelry and extras to go with it.

They keep all of their items on trend by only accepting designer looks from within the last five years. They also renew their inventory regularly, not keeping any item in stock for more than two months. This means if you see something you like, you better get it before it is too late.

The staff are very friendly and ready to help with advice or finding the best look for you from their wide selection. While the store is not huge, it is very well organized, making shopping simple and fun.

If you are looking to sell some clothes they accept items on weekday afternoons. Keep in mind that articles should be in season and it is up to you to prove authenticity.