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Odengatan 91, 113 22 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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Come in to shop for gifts. Come in for your own family. Or come in by yourself just to have a look around! This store is full of great toys and games for kids of all ages. It has a rich history as one of the oldest and longest running stores and Stockholm.

Despite their age, they keep things up to date with the latest and greatest in toys, books and figurines. You can find amazing games for the whole family here. You can also get puzzles and LEGO sets all for great prices.

They carry your favorite brands and themes from the most popular movies and shows. They also have a diverse selection of books on offer. The prices are very reasonable already and they have regular sales to move merchandise. This is due to the relatively small size of the store and large amount of inventory they carry.

The staff here is super friendly and ready to help every customer that comes in. It is a family owned business and you can feel it in the personal service you receive. If you are buying a gift and are unsure what to get they can walk you through what is popular, all while asking about the recipient to discover what they might like.

With all of their experience, the gifts they choose are always a hit. There is nothing quite like the joy on a child’s face when you give them the perfect toy.