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Folkungagatan 126, 116 30 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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At CykelCity they are serious about cycling. The staff and customers are experienced cyclists and ready to get you and your bike in the best possible condition for your next race or competition. The staff is passionate about the sport and devote their lives both in and out of work to cycling. When they are not here, they are on the road training for the next race, triathlon, or MTB event.

When you are here you get personal service from someone that shares your enthusiasm for the sport. They will walk you through their parts, bikes, and accessories to make sure you leave satisfied and ready to hit the trails.

Both online and in store, they carry everything you need from the top brands to prepare. They have bikes for men and women, mountain bikes, racing bikes, and even electric bikes. They can also help you with spare parts and repairs on your current equipment.

While many shops can help with frames and parts, CykelCity goes above and beyond with more accessories, clothes, and specified gear than anyone else. You can get full kits, safety gear, shoes, and hydration systems. Even more than that, you can get specialized equipment for triathlons like wetsuits, saddles, and GPS systems. They even sell energy drinks, gels, and food to keep you going through your longest rides.

The point that needs to be made about this store is that employing those single minded individuals that care only for cycling makes a huge difference.