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Kornhamnstorg 59, 111 27 Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sverige
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Englelen is an English pub and nightclub for the music lover in all of us. They offer great drinks, tasty food, and live music or DJs regularly. The combination of the three make for a one of a kind experience on every visit.

The drinks at the pub and nightclub are affordable and just what you want. There are plenty of wines to choose from with dinner or beer and cocktails for later.

The food is classic pub fare with some Swedish influences. For example you can go with a classic bruschetta to start or maybe some herring served with Västerbotten cheese, dill potatoes and crispbread. For main courses there is plenty of seafood and grilled meat. You can also get the juicy cheeseburger with bacon and cheddar or a halloumi burger for those that don’t do meat. There is even a pasta option with your choice of meat or meatless.

If you saved room, the creme brulee is delicious and served with fresh seasonal berries.

After dinner they turn up the heat with live music from bands like Skärtorsdagsblues or Burning Rain. They feature many different styles of music like folk, rock, jazz, and blues so you can always find something new when you’re here.

Stick around for the after party at Club Kolingen where you can dance the night away to mixes from popular local and international DJs. They are open late and ready to show you the time of your life.