Fotografiska Konst Stockholm
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With the rise of social media and the easy accessibility of quality cameras literally at our fingertips, sharing photos has never been easier. This has, in turn, made critics of us all. Where there was once a time that great photography was only appreciated by the select few that were interested in the art form, we are all exposed to and enjoy this niche now.

So how do you stay competitive as a professional, aspiring artist, or even just an ameteur trying to get a few more likes on Instagram? Simple, take a few courses in photography and learn the tricks of the trade.

At Fotografiska they offer a wide assortment of photography classes for all ability levels and many specialties. Their main goal is to inspire and create something beautiful with this popular artistic medium.

The courses include everything the most basic techniques and information for beginners to advanced classes that go over specifics like creating perfect portraits and developing photos. They also have quick and fun workshops for casual photographers. This could be something like taking the best photos with a mobile phone or capturing candid, real life situations out on the streets.

The prices for each course vary based on many factors, including the length of the course and skill level. They take place at many different times of the year and offer the opportunity to not only learn from top professionals but to connect with fellow enthusiasts and build your professional network.