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Opens 3h 52m
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Sankt Göransplan 1, 112 19 Stockholm, Sverige
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This beautiful building was built in the 1970’s by renowned British-Swedish architect Ralph Erskine. It is wonderful destination for a delicious lunch or venue for elegant weddings and parties, both big and small. It has everything you need for your private event, and then some.

The halls are open for parties from 40 to 450 guests. The parties are catered with the help of the experienced kitchen staff and each guest is attentively served by the friendly wait staff. They take the stress out of party planning by providing their experience and trusted history, as well as a wonderful and inclusive venue.

The staff here will work with you to create the perfect menu, decide decorations, and create the most beautiful atmosphere for your event. They have been holding weddings and events here for years and come prepared with the knowledge that comes with this rich history.

In addition to food, tables, chairs, and the normal amenities you would expect from a venue, they will help with DJs, entertainment, and contingency plans for emergency situations. There are many packages for different types of parties. All of this in one venue is more like hiring a private planner than just renting a place to party.

If you would like to enjoy their fantastic services but don’t have a party to plan, no worries. You can come for lunch and receive the same great care and tasty treats as any private party. The food is a mix of many cultures and flavors and always fresh and scrumptious.