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Odengatan 87, 113 22 Stockholm, Sverige
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Guru is an oasis of Indian food here in Stockholm. The dining area is spacious and warmly lit. The scents wafting through work up your appetite the moment you enter. Then you are greeted by friendly faces and the magic begins.

They serve classic Indian dishes in an elegant yet unpretentious fashion. There are many options to choose from with varying spice levels and featuring different meats, seafood, and vegetables.

To start they have a dish called papri chaat that is very popular in northern India and Pakistan. It is bread with potatoes, chickpeas, chili, and yogurt topped with chaat masala and seaweed that it gives extra flavor and crispness. This is served with their specialty tamarind chutney.

Moving on to mains, I am a creature of habit so I go with the old faithful, chicken tikka masala and palak paneer. However, they have many amazing seasonal dishes like lamb and red curry or salmon with lemon rice.

They are all made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients and authentic recipes. To pair with your meal, they have carefully selected a small assortment of wines. Each was specially chosen for its ability to pair with the herbs and spices found in their creative dishes.

This is one of the many details this restaurant has paid attention to when creating your perfect experience. With this they have knowledgeable staff, comfortable seating, and a menu that can be adjusted for special diets and allergy sufferers.