Haga Bottega Stockholm Solna
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Eugeniavägen 6, 171 64 Solna
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This classy Italian and Mediterranean restaurant keeps things interesting with exciting flavor combinations and wild celebrations. They are dedicated to customer satisfaction, which means great service, phenomenal food, and a fun atmosphere.

They are open from early in the morning for a one of a kind breakfast to late in the evening for dinner, drinks, and entertainment. All day they offer special and seasonal menus with your favorite, classic Italian recipes and locally sourced, fresh ingredients.

At breakfast you will find healthy treats like yogurt and fruit as well as hearty meals like eggs and bacon with all the sides. All of it is at a reasonable price to start your day off right.

At lunch, it is more of the same with great service and tasty treats. The food is served buffet style so you can choose the dishes you love and not worry about waste. There will always be plenty of meat, seafood, and vegetarian options making it a perfect spot for diverse groups with differing tastes and diets.

Dinner starts with unique appetizers like the white asparagus with dragon cream, brown butter vinaigrette, marcona almonds, and parmesan cheese. From there you can move on to pasta or the main courses. Don’t forget to save room for dessert as the tiramisu is what dreams are made of.

They are also available for catering and private parties. They will work with you to create the perfect experience for you and your guests and are ready to host anything.