Haga Deli Delikatesser Restaurang Stockholm
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Hagagatan 18, 113 48 Stockholm
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Haga Restaurang & Delikatesser is a beautifully designed restaurant with a rustic vibe that always feels like home. The food it well prepared and creative and the staff is very friendly and happy to help. It is the perfect place for a satisfying lunch, dinner, or after work drinks.

The food is classic Italian and tastes so authentic. They bring together fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to create dishes that taste like all of your Italian dreams. The rustic candlelit tables add the perfect Romantic touch to make you feel like you are spending a beautiful night in Venice.

On the menu you will find all of your favorite pastas, pizzas, and entrees. The starters feature creamy cheeses, fresh basil, and of course rich garlic. The Tortellini all’aragosta is an especially popular pasta dish. It is large tortellini filled with lobster and ricotta cheese. This is served with black caviar and fresh asparagus in a lemon grass sauce.

Each dish is more mouth watering and decadent than the last. The staff well help you choose the perfect wine or drinks to pair with your meal. They know the menu well and are always ready with a friendly suggestion to lead you in the right direction.

To top it all off, after dinner they have a variety of desserts to choose from. These include sorbets, gelato, and my favorite, tiramisu. You can also get a very special dessert with after dinner drinks like the Sorbetto con Limoncello or Cantuccini con Vin Santo.