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Ringvägen 87, 118 61 Stockholm, Sverige
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Holy Cow has two locations in Stockholm and we are so thankful for both. They are each incredible in their own way and it is up to you to choose which you’ll love more. However, you should be warned that the journey to choosing a favorite may take a few visits to each location. Not to worry though, the prices are reasonable and every visit will out do the last. 

At the Vasatan location you can enjoy your food while surrounded by bright colors, plush seating, and modern decor. Sit back in one of the cosy bench seats set into the wall and relax as the great wait staff takes care of your every need. 

However, at the Söder location you can find you center through the relaxing music and rich colors found throughout the restaurant. In keeping with the name of the restaurant, a beautiful painting of a Holy Cow adorns one wall and watches over you while you partake in some delicious treats. 

The menus at both restaurants are similar with favorite dishes you hope to find at all Indian restaurants. These include starters like papadam and samosas, available in vegetarian and vegan options. 

Next you can move on to the main courses like an assortment of thalis, with many different meat and vegetarian varieties, or sizlar dishes. Each is more flavorful than the last and the price is very reasonable for the generous portions. It is the type of restaurant that encourages sharing so bring a friend or two and try a little of everything.